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Der folgende Beitrag ist ein englischsprachiger Erlebnisbericht zur Veranstaltung der JuniorAkademie des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen ( Die EvB-Schülerin Constanze Röger (EF) berichtet über ihre Teilnahme am Kursprogramm im Schloss Loburg in Ostbevern. Da die Kurse dort auf Englisch stattfinden, hat sie sich bereit erklärt ihren Beitrag für unsere Homepage ebenfalls auf Englisch zu verfassen. Eine deutsche Version ihrer Erlebnisse dort wird in der nächsten Ausgabe der Schülerzeitung Frontal erscheinen.


This year my summer holidays were different to the years before... Why? Because the weather was extremely good? No, the amount of rain was the same like every year. Because they were longer than last year? No, but I had the chance to experience something new for me at the Junior Academy at Ostbevern. But how did this actually work?

Well, first of all let me tell you some facts about the programme and why the Academy was founded. The “Deutsche JuniorAkademien” are an organization, which was founded to challenge and support teenagers between the age of 13 and 16. Every Gymnasium and every Gesamtschule can nominate two kids from grade 8 or 9 to take part in this programme. These students have to show, that they are able to work harder and more effective than a regular teenager at their age.

After a long and difficult application process some of the nominated boys and girls are lucky and they can take part in this programme. The Academies take place at four different locations all over NRW. Topics that are studied in the 10 days at the Academy all come from the sciences: for example Bionics, astrophysics or nanotechnology. So the student can chose between a lot of fascinating topics.

So now let´s talk about my time in Ostbevern! I had chosen the course “Wonders of Symmetry”. We did a lot of projects that had to do with producing models or something like this. So my time in Ostbevern was great fun, but also challenging, because my course was in English. Furthermore it was a little bit exhausting , because we never really had free-time except for one or two hours each day. Furthermore I normally got up in the morning at 6’o clock and went to bed at about 12 pm. So I didn’t sleep that much… Except for this it was a wonderful experience. Working in the courses was so much fun and a million times better than at school! You can’t describe that. It sounds strange, for a 15 year old teenager to say something like that, but these ten days were better than a whole year of school!! The group work for example was extremely different. Everybody was participating and every student tried to work as hard as possible. But it was not just the group work thing that made my experience unique and extraordinary.

I got to know so many new people, who were smart, nice and friendly and absolutely no nerds! I learned that there are more kids in my age, who are interested in learning something new and who know how it is to be laughed at etc. We did so much fun stuff and laughed so hard!

Well, to sum things up: The JuniorAcademy is the best summer camp I´ve ever attended and I made some really great friends, who are still in contact with me.

I thank all of the course leaders, especially Nadja and Pete for making this camp as wonderful as it is!

This link takes you to the pictures.